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How Music Aids Brain Development

  Music is a wonderful way to stimulate brain development in children from infancy through adolescence. Musical training is the best way to encourage this development, but even simple exposure can stimulate a child’s brain. Here are some of the ways that harmonized sounds help young brains. Infants Babies love musical instruments and lullabies. It turns out that these musical… Read more →

USC Thornton Department of Choral and Sacred Music Graduates

USC Thornton Department of Choral and Sacred Music Graduates happy to announce placement this spring: Jeremy Bakken: DMA candidate,  Director of Worship and Sacred Music for Northwestern Publishing House Dr. Yejee Choi: University of the Pacific, Interim Director of Choral Activities Dr. Audrey Chung: Singapore Serena Eichhorn: ABD,  Teaching Artist Program Manager for the Young Musicians Foundation Nathan Fryml: ABD Amarillo College,… Read more →

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Jo-Michael Scheibe: January-May 2016

Schedule of Events This semester Dr. Scheibe is on sabbatical. While away from the USC campus, he eagerly anticipates performances and appearances in places near and far, such as Taiwan and Germany. Follow Jo-Michael Scheibe on Twitter @JMScheibe for the latest updates.January 19 : Carnegie Hall, New York, NY January 23 :  Bach’s Cantata “Sleeper’s Awake” with Jeffrey Kahane, Pasadena, CA February 3-6 : Colorado SATB High School All… Read more →

Wholehearted Attention, Part 2:

The physical and creative demands of musical education require intense concentration, for both the students and the teacher.  The type of concentration necessary may feel familiar to students active in dance and theater. These activities, like music, require consistent practice combined with a desire to excel.  Any performance, in particular, musical performance, demands the wholehearted attention of the performer. Have you… Read more →

How Playing Music Affects the Developing Brain, Part 1:

A study conducted in 1993 revealed that college students perform better on spatial reasoning tests after listening to a Mozart sonata. The follow up question then became, “Can listening to Mozart temporarily increase IQs?” The general consensus was yes. In 1998 Zell Miller, the governor of Georgia at that time, proposed the idea of providing every newborn in Georgia with… Read more →

Carnegie Hall Opens New Education Wing

Carnegie Hall, Manhattan’s esteemed music venue, celebrated the opening of their new Resnick Education Wing on September 20 and 21 with their Open House and Family Day. The new wing boasts 61,000 square feet of space dedicated to music education, including ensemble rooms, teaching studios, and practice rooms. In 2010, many of Carnegie’s education activities were held off-site in various… Read more →