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Universal-Traits-Have-Been-Discovered-In-Lullabies-and-Dance-Music | Jo-Michael Scheibe

Universal Traits Have Been Discovered In Lullabies and Dance Music

According to a new study published in Current Biology, dance songs and lullabies from around the globe can be identified by most. Could people guess what songs are for used for dance or soothing a child by their sound alone, without any knowledge about their cultural context? In many ways, yes. Without cultural context or geographical indication, the public could identify dance songs… Read more →

How Music Aids Brain Development

  Music is a wonderful way to stimulate brain development in children from infancy through adolescence. Musical training is the best way to encourage this development, but even simple exposure can stimulate a child’s brain. Here are some of the ways that harmonized sounds help young brains. Infants Babies love musical instruments and lullabies. It turns out that these musical… Read more →